Кодовые замки для гаражных ворот Wireless Keypad for Automatic Gate Openers Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Black

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Ширина (дюймы)
525 in
Глубина (дюймы)
4 in
Product Weight (lb)
6 lb
Product Height (in)
275 in
Part/accessory type
Fencing Product Type
Gate Opener Remote/Transmitter
Brand/Model Compatibility
All Ghost Controls Gate Opener Systems



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Premium Weather Resistant Wireless Keypad for Automatic Gate Openers

Product Overview:
The GHOST CONTROLS AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad is the superior gateway to your automatic gate opener system and provides unprecedented leading-edge control and features. This weatherproof outdoor keypad is more than just an access point for visitors to your home or property. The unique keypad design and special keys also provide the ability for you to activate or deactivate unique features for your system such as PartyMode, 1-Key, PartyMode Secure, gate controller battery status and VacationMode. Our battery-powered keypad requires a remote transmitter to already be programmed into your system so that it can easily be learned into your gate controller. Once the gate controller has learned your keypad, you can then easily access using dedicated keys, additional features not available on other competitor automatic gate opener keypads, like PartyMode, PartyMode Secure and VacationMode. For added convenience, the keypads are designed for direct installation on the AXGN Outdoor Mounting Pedestal or may be easily mounted to any flat wood or metal surface such as a 4 in. x 4 in. wood post with the included hardware pack. Some customers may choose to install a keypad on each side of the gate so that entry or exit from either direction can access a keypad to activate the gate opener system.
  • LED backlit keys allow easy visibility and special function in both day and night time situations
  • Dedicated keys to enable or disable party mode, 1-key, party mode secure and vacation mode allow quick and easy access
  • Wireless design allows the keypad to be installed in almost any location within line of sight of the gate opener system
  • Black 2-piece ABS design is weather-resistant for long life and visual appeal in front of your home or property
  • Mounting holes perfectly align with the mounting holes on the AXGN universal mounting pedestal to allow quick and easy installation
  • Requires 2-C batteries, not included, for long life and easy over many changes in weather and seasons
  • Can store and use up to a total of 20-access pins including master pin, normal pins, time-based and use-based pins
  • Works with all GHOST CONTROLS single and dual automatic gate opener systems



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