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Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers, Set of 6, Rubber Wine Stoppers, for Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Preserver, Bottle Rubber Corks To Preserve Wine Flavor Best Wine Air Vacuum Stoppers To Keep Wine Fresh[Keep Wine Fresh] Wine saver stopper, can protect from dust and oxidation processes, keep the wine fresh and tasty until the next use, even for 14 days! The cap is silicone-based and as such can fit around different bottle types and can be utilized in stoppering up beer bottles as well.[Best Material] Edible grade rubber wine stopper is produced from silicone quality material, prevent oxidation and wine pump stopper set that offers airtight universal fit for all types of wine bottles! It with a rubber stopper that is durable and long-lasting and provides an airtight seal that will keep your wine fresh. The rubber stoppers are simply designed and effective for keeping air out of the bottle.[Apply] Wine vacuum sealer stoppers set, perfectly suitable for red or white wine, olive oil, truffle oil or any other liquids but not sparkling wines.[Convenience] These caps have been proven to prevent any leaks or spills from occurring while they are fixed on. Re-useable and hand wash easily.[Perfect Gifts] Offer our wine vacuum stoppers, as an impressive gift for your friends, family or co-workers and all red or white wine lovers and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile! 180 days Ergonflow limited Warranty and 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee.Welcome to Ergonflow!
Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is made from a stainless steel material which is more strong and better quality than other types of wine savers.
Since you opened a bottle of wine all that oxygen left inside the bottle caused your delicious wine to oxidize and become dull. By using this wine saver vacuum pump, you can remove all the air from the bottle, keeping the wine fresh.
Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver Kit is the best choice. The Wine Pump lets you Enjoy your Wine Today, Tomorrow & Days After. Save your Wine for Next Time!
If you don't drink the entire bottle, preserve wine & seal the bottle. Simple to use with washable stoppers that can be inserted easily. Not suitable for sparkling wine.
The Wine Pump is a hand-operated pump that keeps wine with a natural fresh smell and original taste up to 14-15 days after opening. Store your bottles aside & forget about messy leaks.
Cap the bottle with a stopper, place the pump on the top of the stopper and pump air out until you feel the resistance, it's done!
Wine Pump keeps wine with natural fresh smell and original taste up to 14-15 days after opening and prevents your wine from the oxidation process.
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