Win Gun High Powered Airsoft 6mm Pistol Luminous Back And Rear Sight Metal 1:1

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Introducing the Win Gun Model 303 - a high-quality airsoft gun that packs a powerful punch! With its non-blowback design, this airsoft gun delivers reliable performance shot after shot. Powered by Co2 and firing 6mm BBs, it's the perfect choice for any airsoft enthusiast looking for a reliable and accurate airsoft pistol.

Firing at an impressive 450FPS, this airsoft gun is sure to take your airsoft game to the next level. The luminous front and rear sight provide excellent visibility in low-light conditions, giving you the edge you need to stay on target and take down your opponents with ease.

Whether you're a seasoned airsoft pro or just starting out, the Win Gun Model 303 airsoft gun is a must-have addition to your arsenal. With its unbeatable combination of power, precision, and durability, this airsoft gun is sure to become your go-to choice for all your airsoft battles.


  • Non-blowback design
  • Co2 powered
  • Fires 6mm BBs
  • Full metal construction
  • 450FPS velocity
  • Magazine capacity of 14 rounds


  • The Removeable magazine for smooth loading
  • Luminous front and rear sight for low-light visibility
  • Reliable and accurate performance
  • Durable and built to withstand tough battles
  • Perfect for airsoft enthusiasts of all levels

Policy And Agreement (Read Before Order)

  • Buyers must be 18 years old or older to purchase airsoft guns.
  • All airsoft guns By Law required to have the 1/4 inch blaze orange tip
  • US Buyer Only. 
  • Airsoft guns are not real firearms
  • Buyers are responsible for checking and complying with all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the purchase and use of airsoft guns.
  • Buyers must use airsoft guns responsibly and never shoot them at Human, animals, or any other living creature.
  • Airsoft guns should be used only in designated areas and with appropriate safety equipment.
  • Airsoft Gun Can Not modify To Real guns in any way, 
  • By purchasing an airsoft gun, buyers agree to release the seller from any liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages, or legal issues that may arise from the use or misuse of the airsoft gun.


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