Ханги Tropical STAINLESS Steel Tongue Drum - Handpan - VibeDrum - 18 Notes - Basic

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Steel Tongue Drum

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Made with love and care in the Arizona Desert
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Made with low carbon footprint and zero VOC’s, Hand made in Arizona with Domestically sourced materials, 2 Sides, 2 different scales, choice of 440 or 432 Hz on each side, 440 Hz or 432 Hz tunings, Hand Tuned and Sound Tested before shipment, Meets or exceeds Concert Tuning Standards


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Double Vibedrum – Stainless Steel – “Tropical” – 18 Notes in 2 different scales - Basic Package 

9 notes on Each side in 2 different scales like having 2 drums in 1

So easy to play with mallets or fingers for beginners or profis. Our drums will enchant you with their sound / a steel tongue drum that does not have that "Steel Tank" ring to it

Perfect for playing music, meditation, healing and massage

Available in these Pentatonic Scales at 432 Hz:

Side 1: Solfeggio-F, F-Minor, F-Akebono, F-Major or E-Minor

Side 2:  D-Minor, C-Major in D, D-Pygmy or D-Major 

We also do custom scales upon request.

Basic Package Includes:  Double Vibedrum / Standard Mallets / Free Shipping to all 50 States

We use a powder coat paint but not just any powder we use an exotic 2 part/coat system that creates a hard finish with a long lasting shine.

Made with the lowest Environmental footprint possible…no paint with VOC’s, no lead in the steel, no hazardous waste from etching or engraving.   Quality throughout from the 13 gauge High Quality US produced stainless steel to improve sound, sustain, resonance, purity and durability to the tuning that meets Symphonic tuning standards.

We also use Stainless Steel instead of the normal low carbon steel which may contain traces of lead and will rust on the inside of the drum at the seam.


Every Vibe Drum is handcrafted in Arizona, hand tuned and tested for sound quality before it is shipped.


*13 Gauge Stainless Steel (.0937” thick): On the playing head which improves sound, sustain, resonance and overall durability over the thinner 14 gauge low carbon steel used to make other drums of this type. Plus you don't have to worry about rust forming on the inside of the drum!

*Resonance / Sustain:    The Parabolic resonance Chamber combined with our high quality 13 gauge steel creates a drum where the notes resonate for 8 to 10 seconds without sacrificing portability.


*Harmonics:    The playing tabs are perfectly spaced for optimum playability and harmonics between the other notes

Versatile: Can be used for playing music, meditation, stress reduction, sound therapy and much more.

Lightweight, for ease in transportation, without loss of sound- only 7.5 Lbs (3.4 Kilos)

Slim Design so it will fit into your knapsack or rucksack  -   5 1/2 inches total height by 12 inch diameter  (13.5 cm x 30.5cm)

18 tuned notes in two Pentatonic scales with the most logical and friendly note layout.

Octagonal notes to maximise the "sweet spot" and to add a bit of symbolism (see " The Notes" below)

BEFORE YOU BUY:  Please take some time and decide which 2 scales you want ( 1 scale per side). The scales for each side listed from high to low are as follows:


Solfeggio-F-528 Hz: F3 / G3 / G#3 / C4 / D4 / F4 / G4 / G#4 / C5 

F-Minor: F3 / G#3 / A#3 / C4 / D#4 / F4 / G#4 / A#4 / C5

F-Akebono: F3 / G3 / G#3 / C4 / C#4 / F4 / G4 / G#4 / C5

F-Major: F3 / G3 / A3 / C4 / D4 / F4 / G4 / A4 / C5

E-Minor: E3 / G3 / A3 / B3 / C#4 / E4 / G4 / A4 / B4

Side 2:

D-Minor: D3 / F3 / G3 / A3 / C4 / D4 / F4 / G4 / A4

C-Major in D: D3 / E3 / G3 / A3 / C4 / D4 / E4 / G4 / A4

D-Pygmy: D3 / E3 / F3 / A3 / C3 / D4 / E4 / F4 / A4

D-Major: D3 / E3 / F#3 / A3 / B3 / D4 / E4 / F#4 / A4

We can also do some custom scales upon request.

Our most popular scale set is Side 1:F-Major or F-Akebono (440 Hz) Side 2: D-Minor (432 Hz)…the best of both worlds

For sound samples of the scales please visit  "Vibedrums" on Youtube

If you have any questions or would like some recommendations regarding scales please contact us.

AFTER YOU BUY:  We will send you a message asking which scale you want for each side. When we receive your scale choices we will hand tune and test your Vibedrum to the scales and send it to you.

This unique instrument with a melodious tone will inspire beginners as well as professionals. The Double Vibe Drum provides two playable heads with 9 tuned notes on each for a total of 18 notes. Each head (side) is tuned to a different scale. It can be played using the hands or with our specially-designed mallets. The unique design provides a hybrid sound, similar to striking a “singing bowl” or HandPan Drum, yet offers a more portable and user-friendly instrument.

Created using eighteen-notes, the Double Vibe Drum is typically tuned to major and minor pentatonic scales to ease the playing techniques and produce harmonious tones, and is arranged so that each note has its octave adjacent to it. This simple, logical and harmonically-beneficial layout makes the Vibe Drum the easiest and cleanest steel tongue drum available. It can be used for playing anything from a tune to soft meditational tones.

The Notes

Shape: We chose a Octagonal shape (patent pending) for our notes for Three basic reasons. The first is because in our opinion they just look better than the big rectangles or simple curved lines. The second is it focuses your attention on the "Sweet Spot" of the note which increases playability. Third because of the symbolism associated with the octagon ( 8 steps to enlightenment, 8 fold path, etc)

Spacing: The spacing of the notes is important. If you have a lot of notes jammed in very close to each other when you strike one note it will partially activate the notes next to it, which causes a certain amount of harmonic distortion and interference. Our unique octagonal shape allows us to fit in 9 notes while still allowing plenty of space horizontally and vertically between them.

The Vibedrum has been around since 2008 and has been produced in the USA the entire time. The sound quality of the drum is excellent and we have designed this drum to give optimal tones along with ease of portability. Each drum is hand tuned.

For more information such as sound clips of our scales, pictures, videos or other information please “google” us


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