Аксессуары и игральные кости для ролевых игр серии Dungeons & Dragons Tavern Bar Furniture Set DND Terrain 28mm for Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, Path...

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Tavern Bar Furniture Set DND Terrain 28mm for Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k, RPG, Miniatures, Age of Sigmar, Tabletop, D and D, Dungeons and Dragons GiftsThe massive Tavern Bar Funiture is one out of hundreds of high-quality and affordable dungeons and dragons terrains, with insane details on every part of the furniture. The wooden stools, creat, barbacks, and all other accessories are fully detailed with wood grain patterns.All elements seen in the pictures are independent of each other so you can rearrange it to match your story. This furniture set goes well with our port tavern, a place for adventurers to hand out after a day in the dungeon.The 28mm miniature in the picture is not included and only meant to show scale. The set is compatible with 28mm and 25mm miniatures, perfect for fantasy, medieval-styled, and Wargaming campaign!Made in the USA and the utmost attention to the quality of the product. 3DEGOS terrains, miniatures, and dice are the best on the market.Bring your imagination to the table with 3DEGOS!The Bar Set consists of numerous furnishings, everything you need to make a bar in your fantasy role-playing or tabletop wargames.INCLUDED:- 13 Stools- 12 Chairs- 2 Round Tables- 2 Square Tables- 1 Wine Box- 3 Bar Backs- 1 Long Bar- 1 Curve Bar- 1 Small Bar- 7 Kegs- 1 Four Large Kegs Stand- 6 Small Barrels- 3 Small Barrel Holder- 1 Fireplace- 1 Crate- 1 Bag Sag- 1 Bear Skin Rug- 1 Long table-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More Info:- The item is in Gray, and the model above is in 28mm scale-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Policy:The essence of this shop is to provide tabletop gamers with high-quality items to bring their imagination to the table. We will not ship any product that is less than perfect. If you are not satisfied, we will guarantee a full refund!!We ensure every product that we ship are what you expect. If you are not satisfied with our product/s you can contact us for a full refund. This is made using an additive manufacturing process, laying down layers by layers to create a detailed object. Due to the process, they might be artifacts, such as tiny hairs, between small gaps. We try our best to clean up the model before shipping it to our customers. We are not responsible for any of the damage or harm caused by the misuse of our product/s.Big thanks to our design partner over at EC3D.


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