Sonic Imagery Labs 995FET-Ticha Discrete OpAmp Studio & Broadcast Applications

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Model 995FET-Ticha Discrete Op Amp
Sonic Imagery Labs: 995FET-Ticha Op Amp Module
Suited For
Channel Strip, Computer Recording Interface, Direct/DI Box, Dynamic Range Processor, Headphone Amplifier, Headphones, Microphone, Microphone Preamp, Mixer Amplifier, Phono Preamp, Power Amplifier, Recording Interface
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Sonic Imagery Labs


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Model 995FET-Ticha Discrete Operational Amplifier
No other Discrete Op-Amp on the market comes close to our fully tested specifications and audio performance.

This unit is available with 2 pin lengths, Standard 0.30" long or Retro/Vintage 0.50" long, Let us know at time of purchase which length you want. See Application Note AN-18 for more details.

Height, Pin Length OPTION's and socketing dimensions for both standard product and retro-clone or vintage upgrades.

General Description:
Sonic Imagery Labs 995FET-Ticha Discrete Operational Amplifier

The 995FET-Ticha is a high performance discrete operational amplifier designed for professional audio applications and areas where ultra-low noise, extremely low distortion and highly linear uncolored operation is required. A true super matched pair FET input stage is incorporated to provide superior sound quality and speed for exceptional audio performance. This in combination with high output drive capability and excellent dc performance allows use in a wide variety of demanding applications. In addition, the 995FET’s wide output swing provides increased headroom making it ideal for use in any audio circuit.

The 995FET-Ticha opamp can be operated from ±10V to ±24V power supplies. Input cascode circuitry provides excellent common-mode rejection and maintains low input bias current over its wide input voltage range, minimizing distortion. The 995FET discrete op amp is unity-gain stable and provides excellent dynamic behavior over a wide range of load conditions.

The all-discrete SMT design uses an ultra-precision differential matched FET pair specifically designed to meet the requirements of ultra-low noise and ultra-low THD audio systems. In addition to the enhanced input stage, the 995FET-Ticha incorporates precision temperature stable power supply independent current sources. Supply independent current sources allow the bias to remain locked at the optimum operating point regardless of supply voltage.

Dual matched pair temperature stable current mirrors, dual matched pair active current loads give the 995FET-Ticha it's outstanding power supply rejection performance. The enhanced low distortion Class-A output driver stage can sink or source 250mA allowing this module to drive transformers directly. Integrated power transistor heatsinks coupled to a anodized aluminum enclosure keeps the 995FET-Ticha operating within a wide SOA and does not suffer from Beta droop when driving heavy iron or heavy loads. Each amplifier is fully tested and meets or exceeds published specifications.

Because of the 995FET-Ticha's high current drive capability, supporting circuitry impedances can be scaled down within the application circuit. This can reduce the overall system noise, without increased distortion and provides higher headroom compliance performance.

The 995FET-Ticha discrete opamp was designed as an enhanced upgrade replacement for the Millennia Media Series MM-99, MM990, Forssell Technologies JFET-993, JFET-992, or other similar end of life or obsolete FET based op-amp gain blocks. The pinouts conform to the 990/2520 package type, allowing direct replacement.

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Contact us directly for OEM and quantity pricing.


• Ultra Low Total Harmonic Distortion, 0.00048 THD+N @ 1kHz
• Ultra Low Noise, 1.1nV/rtHz
• High Current Output Drive (250mA into 75 ohms)

• 112dB Open Loop Gain

• +26.5dBu Output Levels (into 600 ohms)
• Standard Gain Block Footprint
• Operates over ±10V to ±24V supply rails
• Lower output offset voltage than existing counterparts
• Lower input leakage current than existing counterparts
• Class A Output Drive
• Particular emphasis on audio performance
• Designed, assembled and produced in the USA
• 3 Year Warranty


• High Input Impedance Line Amplifiers and Drivers
• High Input Impedance Buffer
• Active Filters and Equalizers
• Summing/Mixer Amplifiers
• High Performance High Input Impedance Microphone/Instrument Preamplifiers
• High Performance A/D front end preamplifier
• High Performance D/A back-end driver


Height, Pin Length OPTION's and socketing dimensions for both standard product and retro-clone or vintage upgrades.

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