Электротовары для дома Solar Panel Cable Wire Pair Black + Red Fits MC4 Connectors 10 AWG/12 AWG/14 AWG

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Общие характеристики

Current Type
Cable length:
1 Foot Black + 1 Foot Red
Cable AWG Size
14 AWG (14 Gauge 2.5mm²)
Current Output
10 A or Greater
Cable AWG Size:
14 AWG (14 Gauge 2.5mm²)
Solar Technology
Copper Conductor
Защитные свойства
Discharge Protection, Lightning Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Open Circuit Protection, Overcharge Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Overload Protection
Проволочный калибр
System Configuration
Resistance Properties
Abrasion Resistant, Acid Resistant, Antimicrobial Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Child Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Dustproof, Dust Resistant, Fade Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Rust Resistant, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Weather Resistant

Прочие свойства

Corrosion Resistant, Flexible, Foldable, Portable
Длина кабеля
1 Foot Black + 1 Foot Red
Линия продуктов


Solar Panel Wire Cable
Сила тока
Greater Than 10 A
Solar, Agriculture/Farming, Automotive, Back-up Power, Camping/Hiking, Commercial, Electronics, Home/Garden, Shed


Solar Panel Cable Wire Pair Black + Red Fits MC4 Connectors - 10 AWG/12 AWG/14 AWG

  • Safe - Protecting against short circuits and ground leakages. Suitable for use inside and connected to insulated equipment.
  • High Performance - High current carrying capacity with low losses over length.
  • High Quality - Resistance against UV, water, ozone, fluids, oil, salt and general weathering.
  • Wide Use - Hard plastic connectors at each end. Suitable for using in solar panels, DC circuits, inverter wiring.
  • Long Life - Engineered for long life and outdoor applications. Good abrasion resistance, excellent softness and stripping performance.
  • Authentic - Unlike competitors we use completely 100% authentic copper of the highest quality.(Some vendors give you aluminum wire and call it copper.)
  • Made In USA - Wires are manufactured and assembled in the USA.


Test voltage: 6 kV (50 Hz)
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Approvals: IP 67 protecting grade, safety class ii, flame class UL94-V0
Contact resistance: ≤5mΩ
Insertion / withdrawal force: ≤50N / ≥50N
Locking system: Snap in

Fits Standard MC4 Type
Imported from China


Diameter: 2.082mm²/3.307mm²/5.26mm² (stated on the wire itself)
Max. amps per conductor: 15A/20A/30A (rated for continuous use)
Max. voltage: 600 V
Temperature rating: -40°C to 90°C / 75°C
 (Approved for up to 600V and is listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), as rated for 90° C (194° F) in dry and 75° C (167° F) in wet environments.)

Copper conductors are annealed (soft) copper, compressed strand, insulated with a tough heat and moisture resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Voltage for all applications is 600 volts

Made In USA


Color: Black & Red

Connectors insulation material: PC/PA
Connectors contact material: Copper, Silver-Plated
Wire conductor material: Authentic Stranded Bare Copper
Wire insulation material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

UL Listed

Heat Resistant

Moisture Resistant

UV Rating (35)
Quantity: 1 Pair (Black + Red) (red color may be orange tint)

Package Includes:

1 Pair Solar Panel Extension Cable

(Red color may be Orange tint due to availability. Please specify in order if you need orange or red only.)

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Please allow 1-5cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
The color of the actual items may slightly vary from the above images due to different computer screens and/or wire availability, red wire may have orange appearance, if you need only red or orange wire strictly please advise BEFORE or quickly after ordering. Thanks for your understanding. Free First Class Shipping USA Only! Larger orders automatically upgraded to Priority Mail for Free!


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