LuxHeat Cable Kit 240v (40-300sqft) Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Tile + 40 sqft - 240 Volts

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Размер:40 sqft - 240 Volts
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40 sqft - 240 Volts

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LuxHeat's wide range of 120v and 240v loose-lay cables offer the ultimate in design flexibility, allowing for custom configurations and easy installations
★ Residential, Office apartments and Senior living facilities
★ Installs under tile, stone, marble, laminate and engineered wood floors
✔ Double insulated, single cold lead
✔ UL listed for USA, classified as safe for wet Locations
✔ 12watts/sqft @ 3" spacing provides optimal heat distribution
✔ Ultra low EMF - Dual conductor Tech, Alu foil sheath and ground wire
✔ Heater wire is less than 1/8” thick, ensures minimal effect on finished floor height
✔ ETFE insulated and covered by tough outer jacket, providing protection against abrasion and corrosion
✔ 25 Year limited warranty, provides peace of mind and an assurance of performance for many years to come
✔240 Volt
✔ c UL us Listed
✔ GFCI Class A 5mA
✔ Dual sensing (Air & Floor)
✔ Load: 15amp - 3600w @ 240v
✔ 5 year battery backup, retains all settings
✔ Other Modes: Child lock, Manual override & more
✔ 3.5” Colour Touchscreen with easy interactive Touch control
✔ 7-Day Program, pre-set program can be customized to suit one’s lifestyle
Alarm: 2 x AAA
✔ Recommended by health professionals for allergy sufferers
✔ Safe for children, elderly and pets - No hot, exposed or moving parts
✔ Accurate and intelligent control ensures your personal comfort and affordability
✔ Completely out of sight, no unattractive plug-in heaters, no storage hassles, no maintenance and no smell
★ 14.00w/sqft @ 2.6"
★ 12.00w/sqft @ 3"
★ 9.00w/sqft @ 4"

About Us

Prolux Materials LLC is a family owned, American business, focused on delivering quality products throughout the USA.

With production and distribution facilities in both Kentucky and Tennessee, we find ourselves well positioned to meet all logistical demands.

Our Flagship Floor Heating brand, LuxHeat, coupled with OJ Microline’s range of intuitive, energy efficient thermostats, offers the ultimate in Luxury and Comfort, Reliability and Affordability.

Suitable for Most Floor Coverings



 Includes porcelain, ceramic, marble and more. Safe for wet areas, including showers.


Elements MUST be Embedded in Thinset, leveling or self-leveling compound.



We recommend Installing a Floor sensor to limit floor temperature and protect flooring.


Elements Must be Embedded in Thinset, leveling or self-leveling compound



We recommend Installing a Floor sensor to limit floor temperature and protect flooring.


Elements MUST be Embedded in Thinset, leveling or self-leveling compound.



Includes Engineered and Solid wood. We recommend Installing a Floor sensor to limit floor temperature and protect flooring.


Elements MUST be Embedded in Thinset, leveling or self-leveling compound.

Intelligent Heating Systems

If it wasn’t for the cozy warm feeling in the room, you would never know it had been fitted.

Unlike conventional heaters that warm one particular spot, LuxHeat radiant floor heating evenly distributes warmth throughout the floor and up into the room, leaving no uncomfortable cold spots.

The heat is directed where it is most pleasing – the feet – leaving the air we breathe slightly cooler. In fact, the air surrounding our bodies remains slightly cooler than our bodies, preventing that ‘’stuffy’’ feeling so often experienced in a room that is heated by forced air.

  • 3”
  • Cables can be installed in any shape or pattern, to suit your floor layout.
  • Uniform ohms resistance, ensuring even temperatures underfoot.
  • Safe for wet areas, including showers.
  • Radiant heat does not dry out the air, circulate dust or aggravate allergies.
  • No hot, exposed or moving parts, no maintenance and no fan noise.
  • Out of sight, no unattractive plug-in heaters or radiators.
  • No summertime storage hassles.

Optimal Comfort, Easy Control and Contemporary design

The modern thermostat provides so much more than simple temperature control - it is a personalized and intuitive device designed to give a greater degree of control and comfort in the hands of the user.

The OJ Microline UDG4-4999 Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat with built-in GFCI is an “all-in-one” intelligent programmable thermostat for radiant floor heating, providing optimal comfort temperatures and energy savings. Designed and manufactured by OJ Electronics – Denmark.

  • 3.5” color screen with easy interactive touch control.
  • 7 Day, 4-Event program - Pre-programmed for quick set-up.
  • Dual sensors (Air and Floor) with floor limiting feature.
  • Built-in Class A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).
  • 5 year battery backup of clock and calendar.
  • Intuitive menus – no manuals needed.
  • Child lock - prevents tampering.
  • Tracks power consumption.

A typical Installation

1. Plan cable layout and prepare floor.

2. Fit strapping to sub-floor and run cable.

3. Cover cables with Thinset or leveling compound.

4. Complete floor installation and connect thermostat.

This Kit Includes

LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable

LuxHeat cables can be installed as a primary or secondary heat source, it doesn't have to be below Zero to enjoy a warm floor. Our wide range of loose-lay/ free-form underfloor heating cables offer the ultimate in design flexibility, allowing for custom  configurations and easy installations.

Be sure to calculate the correct floor area as heating cables CANNOT be cut or shortened. Heating wires MUST be embedded in a Self-leveling underlayment or Thinset.

  • Elements are ETFE insulated and covered by a tough outer jacket, providing the ultimate dialectic and mechanical strength.
  • Dual wire technology with aluminium shield minimizes electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  • Heater wire is less than 5/32" thick, ensuring minimal effect to finished floor height.
  • LuxHeat cables provide optimal heat distribution at 12 watts/sqft (3” spacing).
  • Voltage: 240v.

UDG4-4999 Programmable Thermostat

The UDG4 Thermostat can be configured for control of Floor Temperature, Room Temperature, or Room Temperature with Floor Temperature Limiting - providing optimal comfort levels while ensuring floor coverings do not exceed recommended temperatures.

Thermostat box Includes 15ft Floor Sensor.

The UDG4 offers all the necessary functions to ensure easy installation and temperature control, for every floor type. Accurate and intelligent control reduces running costs and ensures personal comfort.

  • Ambient Temp Range +32 to +104°F (0 to +40°C).
  • Floor limit range: +41 to +104°F (+5 to +40°C).
  • Dimensions: H 4.8” x W 3” x D 1”.
  • Thermostat load: 15Amps (3600w@240v).
  • Built-in Class A GFCI
  • Voltage: 240v.

LuxHeat Monitor

The LuxHeat Monitor is designed to measure the heating cable’s continuity during installation.

If the heating cable is cut or damaged during installation the Monitor will immediately alert the installer by means of a loud alarm and red flashing light. We still recommend an ohms test is carried out before, during and after installation.

If the alarm sounds we suggest contacting a professional to identify the damaged area and make the repair.

  • Early warning system, avoiding costly repairs in the future.
  • Connects directly to the heater - Live, Neutral and Earth.
  • Provides peace-of-mind during installation.
  • Offers real-time continuity monitoring.
  • Includes loud alarm and flashing light.
  • Works with all floor heating systems.
  • Includes 2xAAA batteries.

LuxHeat Floor Sensor

The Floor Sensor is a reliable and accurate temperature sensing probe designed to measure floor temperatures when connected to a thermostat. OJ Thermostats’ default setting is Dual Sensing (Air/Floor), meaning the floor sensor will need to be installed and connected.

The thermostat can be set to measure AIR only, but for optimal control and comfort we recommend installing the floor sensor and using the thermostats default ‘Dual Sensor’ setting.

  • Installs directly between heating wires for accurate temperature readings
  • Used in conjunction with Thermostat to limit floor temperature
  • Resistance: 8 to 12 K OHM measures 68˚F to 86˚F (20˚C to 30˚C)
  • Neutral polarity making for simple connections
  • 15ft length allows for optimal placement
  • Sensor type: NTC 10 K OHM


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