Konosuba Aqua Beer Pose Anime Girl Premium Luster Poster (U.S Shipped) 12x16

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  • From Lewd to Kawaii, The Kato Collection is dedicated to bring you high quality images of bishoujo (translated to "beautiful girl") Anime Girls. We guarantee you that they'll provide a sexy yet tasteful feel to your art room

    ? This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish.

    ? HIGH COLOR ACCURACY( Regardless of your monitor, the colors will be extremely accurate to what you're seeing on the screen)

    ? Comes In Three Sizes

    ? Measurements are in Inches

    ? Commissions will not be taken at this time

    ? Frame is not included

    ? 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick

    ? Slightly glossy (Provides a more vibrant image compared to the flat colors of the matte posters)

    ? Fingerprint resistant? Art Prints are Shipped in Tubes


    ? PERFECT FRAMING. Each one of the Katocollection's Poster provides 99.99 % accurate cuts that will allow you to see all the details of the print in a frame

    ? Every Anime Poster is made borderless meaning no white borders around the image!

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