EMF Protecting iPhone Shielding Case - reduces 99.99% harmful EMF exposure

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Protect yourself from cell phone radiation. This phone case dramatically reduces EMF emitted from cell phones (fits any iPhone). It blocks both data and cell signals with older iPhones. Newer iPhones may still receive texts and phone calls, but the EMF will still be dramatically reduced. This fabric is extremely soft and stretchy. I will make sure this case will fit your cell phone. Please leave a message with the measurements of your phone upon checkout.

Low cost, but amazing shielding performance (nearly 63 dB tested up to 10 GHz (more than 99.99% shielding). Each phone case has been tested for its shielding ability prior to shipping.

- 30 dB to 63 dB tested up to 10 GHz (more than 99.99% shielding)
- silver fiber 26%, Cotton 51%, Polyester 23%
- Color: mottled light gray color on the cotton side, silver color on the other side
- Goundable
- Yard count: 32S
- Stretchy and very soft
- Anti bacterial rate 99%
- Washable and safe for skin contact (see the washing instructions below)
- The color of thread used may vary
- Long flap for easy use and to ensure shielding

As this fabric is highly conductive, you MUST NOT allow the fabric to come in contact with electric wires, outlets or switches. Make sure to cover nearby outlets with child safety caps. Does not contain flame retardant. Use caution around open flames and heat sources.

Washing Instructions:
1) Low temperature washing, less than 40℃ with neutral detergent or non-phosphorus neutral washing powder. Tex-Care is the best detergent for this fabric.
2) Machine washable, but hand washing is preferred.
3) DO NOT use detergent with bleach ingredients. DO NOT bleach
4) Hang dry. Do not wring, do not hang in direct sun for a long time, and pick up promptly from the water to dry
5) Do not dry clean or iron

Poor water quality will damage silver. In particular sulfur, high fluoride, and low pH will react strongly with silver and destroy its conductivity and shielding performance.

If color change or loss of conductivity occurs, DO NOT use tap water to wash/rinse your fabric, use distilled/deionized or reverse osmosis water. Washing will eventually degrade silver coating and shielding performance. Discoloration over time is normal.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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