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Elodie Essentials
Elodie Essentials
Elodie Essentials 6 Scented Drawer Liners Non-Adhesive Paper S...
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Elodie Essentials
14 x 19.5 Inches
Elodie Essentials

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Elodie Essentials


Elodie Essentials 6 Scented Drawer Liners Non-Adhesive Paper Sheets for Home
  • ADD A TOUCH OF LUXURY TO ANY ROOM: Made with high quality French fragrance oils for a calming and relaxing scent, our scented liners are a luxurious yet practical addition to your boudoir or bedroom dresser drawers
  • FRESH, LONG-LASTING SCENT: Infused with a Fresh Linen scent that softly diffuses as it is exposed to the air, these drawer liner papers keep your clothes, lingerie, towels, and bedroom linens smelling fresh and clean
  • ELEGANT ROYAL DAMASK PRINT: Our drawer liners feature a stunning design and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, guest room, laundry area, baby nursery or bathroom
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE: Each box includes six 14" x 19.5" non-adhesive paper sheets that can easily be cut to the size that you need, and are perfect to use as shelf liners in your linen closet or to freshen that musty vintage cabinet
  • INCLUDES A KEEPSAKE BOX: Each set of drawer sheets comes beautifully packaged in a matching keepsake gift box tied with a silky ribbon, and makes a wonderful gift for friends and family members

Add a touch of luxury to any room Elodie Essentials Scented Drawer Liners are an elegant and luxurious way to keep your clothes and linens smelling clean and fresh. Infused with a Fresh Linen scent, these drawer liner papers are perfect for adding a calming and relaxing scent to your vanity drawers, pantry shelves, bathroom cabinets and more. Our liner sheets are made with long lasting, high quality French fragrance oil blends that have been infused directly into the paper. Versatile, easy-to-cut design Each box includes 6 thick, non-adhesive papers in a large 14" x 19.5" size. Each sheet is easy to cut with kitchen scissors and can be customized to the size that you need, which makes them extremely versatile. Simply remove a sheet from the box, unroll, and then cut to fit the drawer or shelf. Over time, the scent will soften and diffuse as it comes in To keep your unused sheets smelling fresh, store them tightly closed in the matching keepsake box or keep them sealed in a plastic bag. An unforgettable gift for your friends and family Our drawer liners feature a stunning Royal Damask design and come beautifully packaged in a matching keepsake gift box that is finished with a silky ribbon. They’re perfect as gifts for friends and family at birthday parties, housewarming parties, bridal showers and baby showers too! Our drawer liners are also available in English Lavender, French Essence, Rose and Pacific Sandalwood.


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