Материалы и инструменты для батика Cars McQueen Tow Mater 6 image Iron on Transfer 8x10 5x6 light fabric 5x6

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Cartoons, TV & Movie Characters


Up for Buy it now is this great T-shirt iron on. You can cut them apart. 6 images on on sheet. It is a full, standard sized 8x10 - 5x6  transfer, which ever you choose.

This image comes on a 8" x 10"  - 5" x 6"  transfer.

You pick which size and the quantity you would like.

NOTE: The image(s) itself may be smaller than the transfer sheet but fit proportionally on the sheet.We have many other friendly characters available for iron ons and you can see most of them in our eBay store by clicking this little red tag If you would like a friendly character not shown in our store, email us and we'll see what we can do for you.

This iron on transfer comes with full instructions and is so easy to apply. You can round the corners or zig-zag the edges, whatever YOU like. It's certainly not limited to a T-shirt, you can put it on a pillow case if you like. Sweatshirts too. Be creative. They say it's best suited for white or light colored applications. We have added some iron on tips below and we will include a printed copy of the instuctions with the auction. Thanks so much for looking.

Tips for Ironing on the transfer:

Use a hard, smooth stable surface, like a table, an ironing board is just too soft for a good image transfer.

As protection, use thick cardboard or pillow case as a base. We like the pillow case best.

We suggest you pre iron the garment and then lay it on the base, smooth it out, and then lay the printed ink jet transfer paper, with the picture facing downwards, onto the fabric exactly where you want it to be. Play with it a little bit to be sure it is right where you want it to be. Don’t be in a big hurry……. be sure of what you want to do. Remember, once you fire up that iron, it’s in your hands now and not ours. We are not obligated to replace it if you BOO BOO. Soooooooooo……. TAKE YOUR TIME.

The manufacturer says it’s suitable for white or pale pastel cotton fabrics.

Using an Iron set on its hottest setting (approx 160 C) with NO STEAM, iron the whole image, using firm pressure for about 20 seconds on each pass for 2-4 minutes, depending on the size of the iron on. Don't forget edges and corners.

Let it cool for about 1 minute.

Remove the backing material slowly and evenly.

Washing: Do not wash for 72 hours after ironing. It is machine washable, just use cold water and turn t-shirts inside out to wash.

Dry at low temp setting. Do not dry clean. Do not iron on the printed image.

NOTE: These helpful tips are NOT to be used in lieu of the actual instructions provided with the iron on transfer. If there is any question, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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