Изливы и комплектующие для садовых водопадов Anjon APF-16 Profalls Biofilter Waterfall 16" Koi Pond Filter Spillway w/media

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Fountain & Water Features, Koi Ponds, Ponds

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Anjon APF-16 Profalls
Тип воды
Set includes
Высота элемента
11 in
Ширина элемента
20 in
Waterfall Width
16 in
Гарантия производителя
5 Years

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Easy Assembly, Easy Installation
Линия продуктов
ANJON Profalls


Waterfall FIlter Tank
Anjon Manufacturing

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Anjon APF-16 Profalls 16" Waterfall Biofilter
  • For Ponds up to 3000 gallons
  • Max pump flow 2400 GPH
  • Accepts tubing 1" & 1.5" ID
  • Mechanical and biological pond filter
  • Includes dense filter mat and bio balls to help improve water clarity
  • Can be used both in ponds as well as decorative disappearing water features
  • Measures 20" W x 16" D x 11" H 
  • 16" waterfall weir functions as an outlet for the filter. Provides not only the soothing sound of running water but also adds aeration and increased water flow
  • Features a heavy duty garden shelf grate, perfect for supporting aquatic plants, herbs and even garden vegetables
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
The Anjon ProFalls 16" is a pond waterfall filter suited for ponds up to 3000 gallons. This waterfall is the perfect complement to a new or existing koi pond, providing a combination of both mechanical and biological filtration. The Anjon ProFalls 16" includes a dense filter pad that functions to catch fine debris and improve water clarity. The included bio balls have a high surface area, allowing for a high concentration of beneficial bacteria to colonize. The bacteria colonies help digest excess nutrients in the pond, depleting food sources that would otherwise feed cellular algae blooms!

The Anjon ProFalls 16" Waterfall BioFilter measures 20" deep by 16" wide by 11" tall. It features a faceplate with screw holes to allow for an easy waterproof installation by attaching directly to the pond's liner. The heavy duty grate cover can support aquatic plants to provide camouflage that has both utility and visual appeal. The inlet fits both 1" and 1.5" I.D. tubing and can accept flows up to 2,400 GPH. 

5 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

 MODELMax Pond Size
Max Flow RateInlet SizeDimensions (LxWxH)
APF-163,000 gallons2,400 GPH1",1.5"20"x16"x11"

Warranty Note: any damage or alteration to the cord will void all warranty.


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