Товары для гончаров и керамистов Air Dry Clay Kit, 36 Colors Clay Ultra Light Modeling Clay for Kids...

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HOLICOLOR Air Dry Clay Kit, 36 Colors Clay Ultra Light Modeling Clay for Kids with Accessories, Tools and Tutorials, Arts and Crafts Gift for KidsThe 36-color box-packed air dry clay (each cup is about 0.7 oz, 1.58 lbs in total) is packed in a plastic storage box. Also comes with sculpting tools, accessories and a booklet of ideas for easy creation.Holicolor air dry clay is very soft and flexible, easy to stretch and mix, and non-staining, no mess, making it easy to use. The modeling clay for kids will dry completely within 24 hours.Holicolor Air Dry Clay for kids is made of non-toxic materials and can be used with confidence. However, it is not suitable for kids under 4 years old. Younger kids should play under adult supervision to avoid eating mistakenly.The Clay set is perfect as kids gift. The handy carrying case is nice for storage, colored air dry clay with various accessories to make into different arts crafts, really add to the fun.Through this magic clay, you could inspire your kid's creativity, exercise their hand-eye coordination ability, express their thoughts by shaping the image, to let your kids feel the fun and stay away from electronic products.Package includes: 36 boxes of air dry clay in different colors 1 pack of accessories 1 instructions sheet Description: Our clay is about 0.7 ounces each box, 25.2 ounces in total. Clay is very soft and light, easy to stretch and mix, and it will not stick to your hands during use; the color can be mixed at will, and it is very convenient to use. Comes with many kinds of accessories, such as doll accessories, mini cups, artificial candy pieces, pendants, etc., all can be created according to your own ideas, so the set is very suitable for children. After they are finished, please expose the finished items in the air and let dry naturally, then they become very light. Are you still worried about choosing a gift for your kids? Are you still looking at electronic devices that will cause your kid's eye problems? Come and choose our ultra-light clay set. Our colorful clay can stimulate your children's creativity, exercise their hand-eye coordination, express their thoughts by shaping images, to let children feel the fun while stay away from electronic products. Notes: Not suitable for children under 3 years old, and younger children need to play under adult supervision to avoid eating mistakenly. The clay will dry completely within 24 hours, so please cover the lid after each use. The color of the storage box and the color of the accessories may change depending on different batches, but this won't affect your use. Customer Service: If you have any questions, you can contact us by email, thank you!


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