2023 Faja de Compresion Para Nervio Ciatico Alivio Del Dolor Soporte Para Cadera

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2023 Faja de Compresion Para Nervio Ciatico Alivio Del Dolor Soporte Para Cadera
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*Efficient compression aids recovery from Groin, Sciatica Nerve,Hip, Thight, Hamstring injuries,increase the blood flow to ease muscle pain ,speed up the recovery time,allow you experience the normal and natural action as you do before.

*High quality materials Durable and Breathable Neoprene,which is made up of superior rubber that gives breathable feeling and feels that air passes through it ,also with soft sponge inside, offers comfort as it produces soothing feeling once wear, it averts skin problem such as irritation, blemishes, and reddishness.

*One Size Fits Most-High elasticity of its straps can fit to any sizes. Its capability to loosen up and back to original size and shape captures the users as it lays its durability.

*The extreme Velcro associated with its straps helps to adjust the seizure and ensure to keep in place during activities.

*Combination fit to the legs and hips the warmness retains helping the injured part to be supported accordingly. Suitable, versatile, and light.

*Can be used on both legs o aid the pain.

*Hand Washable and Resuable.Simply Wash by hands using warm water, light soap and dry by air. Do not use machine for washing it gives the tendency to easy loosen up.Can be reused time and time again for its durability.

*Works for men and women.

Fits for either Left or Right Hand

Package includes:
Groin & Hip Support Brace*1
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