Оборудование и запчасти для ремонта видео- и аудиотехники #1 BLUE 12oz SOLUTION & 2 PACK BUFFING PADS

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Easy Pro / PLUS+ Supplies




Disc Repair Supplies


JFJ Combo Pack: 2 JFJ Easy Pro Buffing Pads, and 1 Polish Compound #1 12oz

Do not waive your warranty rights (please read below)!


JFJ refuses to sell spare parts or repair any units that are not currently using original JFJ formula and pads. The reason for this is that other third party or aftermarket suppliers, are not authorized JFJ resellers. In addition, these unauthorized JFJ resellers may offer products that contain nanoparticle** material, which may cause harm to the human respiratory system, plastic, and other moving parts in the unit.  Possible problems in using these products include increased fragility and cracking of the plastic parts in the unit, the ceasing and failing of the bearing and motor, and the eventual shorting of the circuit board.


Any statement made by a third party seller used in motivating the consumer to buy their supplies is a personal statement only. These third party seller statements have not been tested or verified by JFJ.  We advise you to reconsider putting everything at risk, by voiding your warranty and factory support, as JFJ will match ALL third party, premium, and aftermarket pricing that we find reasonable, to ensure the safety of you and your unit!!!


In addition, the JFJ repair department will easily know if a unit has failed due to using products not authorized by JFJ. 


JFJ machines have not been designed to work with any aftermarket or premium formulas that may contain nanoparticles, nor have they been tested to see if this is possible. We have developed what has proven to be the perfect concentrated compound. A 12-ounce bottle is enough to last for 1,000 repairs when used in 1-minute cycles. Other products may require more supplies while making significantly less number of repairs, which is not economical for the consumer.


**Nanoparticles are not about the chemistry of the compound. Rather, it is about the size, which can vaporize into very small molecules in a short span of time. These then, may be absorbed into the body where they become hardened, similar to cement.  JFJ White Wax and JFJ Blue Wax formulas are blended using specially designed polishing particles that remove surface imperfections. These materials are not nano size, but achieve superior results.  Nano size particles may be harmful when used with a machine buffer. Certain nano size particles can be so small that a breathing mask may not be capable of filtering these minute particles.  These products are designed with the consumers’ health and safety in mind.



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